Free Baking Classes for Children - Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital SFL

It was such a magical day! Filled with sweets, sprinkles, laughter and families. Thank you @jdchospital for having me and introducing our kids friendly sprinkles to these beautiful souls. Thank you to all of our amazing and supporting customers; we donated small totes with sprinkles, frosting, piping bags, and more fun stuff! I also took the time to talk about wildlife conservation and educate the youth about @vetpaw 🐾. We may not be able to change the present, but we can sure educate the youth and build for a better future🌟 oh and let me tell you how I used The Lion King to make references on wildlife haha. 

On Saturday 6/29/19 we decorated cupcakes using our kids friendly sprinkles in the ICU and it was AWESOME!🌟😊 When I told her “let’s put your sprinkles in your tote bag” she was so happy and said “No way! I get to keep them! Oh my god, thank you!” I am so happy to share this with all of you; thank you for your support to our company. Making the world a better place one sprinkle bottle at a time! 💁🏻‍♀️💕✨ 

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